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Transportation & Tickets


  • Evening Concerts
    Trinidad is rich in talent and there are many concerts that take place. The standard is very high and you can get a variety of events from choral singing, to ballet dancing to symphony concerts, as well as local plays - some of which have made it to Broadway and operas. 'Members Only' Maxi Taxi Service will get you tickets, take you there, and bring you back safely.


  • Movie Towne
    Movie Towne is a first class entertainment and shopping centre. It contains 10 state-of-the-art cinemas with digital sound, curved screens, and comfortable seating all of international standards. 'Members Only' does a weekly return trip to Movie Towne every Tuesday evening (discount night!)


  • All Carnival Events
    'Members Only' provides tickets and transport to all the Carnival events. There are many shows leading up to the 2 day street parades (Parade of Bands), such as Kiddies Carnival, Steel pan competitions, King & Queen Competitions, Old time Carnival, Ex-Tempo & Limbo, Dimanche Gras, Calypso competitions and concerts.


  • Cultural Events
    During the year there are many different cultural events that take place, such as 'Pan is Beautiful', 'Panyard Sensations', Pan Ramajay, and Music Festival, just to name a few. We will take you to see the best of everything that Trinidad has to offer.


  • Trip to Golf Courses / Sporting Events
    There are two main golf courses in Trinidad, St. Andrew's Golf Course (Moka) which is considered to be of high international standard. It is an 18 hole Golf course and is located in the hills to the north of Port of Spain. The second golf course is Chaguaramas Golf Club which is located at the base of Edith Falls. It is a 9 hole course and is well maintained, with beautiful surroundings.


  • Transport to all restaurants
    Eating out in Trinidad is a fabulous experience due to the fact that it is the most cosmopolitan island of the Caribbean. It is a sensual mélange of African, East Indian, Amerindian, Chinese, and European flavours. There is a restaurant for every palate from exquisite dining to very casual restaurants. 'Members Only' Maxi Taxi offers special rates to groups going out to special dinner events.


  • Organized Hiking Trips / Beach limes
    Hiking in Trinidad is a delightful experience because of the abundant wildlife and birds in the tropical rainforest. There are many hiking trails in Trinidad, but it is well advised to go with a guide as some of the trails are not well marked. There are some easy trails as well as some difficult ones for those who enjoy a serious challenge. We will organize the hikes to suit you.


  • 24 hr Airport Shuttle service
    'Members Only' Maxi Taxi Service offers a shuttle to and from the airport. The service is very reliable. If you make a booking for a pickup from the airport or to the airport, the taxis will be there on time. We are also well equipped to take folks with lots of luggage. We offer discounted group rates. If you're flying with a pet, please give us at least 2 weeks notice as there are documents etc. to be applied for. We'll do everything for you!
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