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Shopping Trips


  • Long Circular Mall & Malabar Meat Shop
    Tuesday 9:30 am
    This trip goes every Tuesday with a minimum of 5 persons to the Long Circular Mall in St. James. There is a variety a shops as well as a large supermarket - Tru-Valu. We spend 1 ½ hrs shopping there and then we go to Malabar Meat Shop which has top notch cuts of meats vacuum-sealed as well as sea-food and a wide variety of cheeses.


  • HiLo Supermarket
    Friday 9:30 am
    This supermarket is very large; it is situated in West Moorings and is located next to West Mall. The supermarket has a good deli and bakery also. This trip also requires a minimum of 5 persons.


  • Price Smart Warehouse Shopping
    Wednesday 9:30 am
    Price Smart is a membership shopping – however Jesse James has a special arrangment with Price Smart for visiting cruisers only, once you come on his bus on a Wednesday only you can shop under his membership. There are a lot of imported food stuff as well as electronics, and house hold items. The food stuff is sold in bulk and it's a good spot for provisioning.


  • Open Market - Fresh vegetables, fruits, meats
    Saturday 6:30 am
    This is the main open market in Trinidad and the largest one. There are many vendors offering fresh vegetables, fruits and meats, shrimp and fish. The cost is extremely reasonable, all prices are marked so cruisers don’t have to batter or pay higher prices than the locals.  This trip requires a minimum of 5 persons.


  • Grand Bazaar (Family Food/Shopping Center)
    One of the largest malls, it is located in the Central part of the island. We do scheduled days to this mall.


  • Ellerslie Plaza / Trincity Mall / Gulf City Mall
    These are also shopping malls, located in the North, East and Southern parts of the island. We do scheduled trips to these malls.


  • Chaguanas / San Fernando
    Chaguanas is the main town in the central part of the island and San Fernando is the main town in the southern part of the island. It offers a different shopping experience.


  • Bagwansingh / Peakes / Scotts Hardware
    Hardwares located in the Northern part of the island. They are huge walk through hardwares.

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