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Seasonal Trips


  • October - Divali
    Divali is one of Trinidad's most memorable festivals. It is the Hindu Festival of Lights and usually occurs in October or early November. It symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance. It also commemorates Mother Lakshmi Goddess of Light. On the night of Divali thousands of deyas are lit, entire communities and villages are illuminated, and many of the villagers wear traditional East Indian clothing. 'Members Only' offers a unique experience to visitors: You are taken to a Hindu Temple and village to view first hand and meet with villagers as well as walk through the village to see this beautiful sight, you are also served a traditional Divali meal.

  • December - Parang & Christmas Concerts
    Trinidad is best known as the Land of Calypso and Steel Pan, however at Christmas time, the music that you would hear is completely different. What you will hear playing is Parang! The old tradition of serenading in Spanish with guitars, cuatros and maracas. Nowadays Parang music has evolved into numerous styles and has become a nationwide festival that has its own association and big annual competitions. The rhythm is usually Hispanic or Latin and the songs are sung in Spanish. Traditional Parang is very much alive in Trinidad and Tobago, but it has also expanded to include the Soca, Calypso and Chutney influences prevalent here. Some of the modern parang is sung in English with Soca and Chutney melodies being mixed with the Parang. Parang is generally quite lively and a lot of fun! In addition there are many traditional Christmas concerts to attend--the talent and standard being of international quality.
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  • January - Panyard / Mas Camp
    Panyards are the practice spots of panmen. This is where you can experience steelpan music in the raw and up close and personal. Considering that most of the players don't read music but memorize an incredible amount of music from Mozart to Calypsos, to arrangements by local composers, it is quite a feat. The panyard is open to anyone and a visit to one of these is well worth the experience. The Mas Camps are a beehive of industry and creativity, splendid colours, wonderful head pieces, robes and bikinis that glitter with sequins and beads, the workers scurrying around feverishly working on them. This is where everything comes together to make the unforgettable spectacle that is a Carnival Band. Of course you can sign up at one of these camps to participate in Carnival!


  • Feb/March - Carnival Events
    Each year Trinidad & Tobago launches into the biggest outpouring of energy and creativity ever witnessed. It is not just a 2 day street parade. Leading up to this, the focus of the entire society changes. More and more calypsos are played, sounds of steelband fills the air and bandleaders promote their costumes. Like much of this country's food and music traditions, Carnival dates back to the island's multi-cultural roots. The word Carnival comes from the Latin words 'carne vale' that translates into 'farewell to flesh'. Introduced to Trinidad in the late 1700's by the French, Carnival has evolved from the elaborate masquerade balls to the present spectacle of the streets. Each group of immigrants adding its own touch. It has evolved into a nationwide party with calypso and steelpan reflecting the country's multi-ethnic nature. It is a kaleidoscope of colour, cultures and artistry, which influences all creeds, races and classes. There are many competitions and shows leading up to the 2 day street parade. To make a booking for a Carnival event, click here.


  • March to August - Turtle Nesting Season
    One of the most moving experiences the natural world has to offer is the sight of the giant female leatherback turtle engaging in her timeless ritual of egg-laying. Trinidad is fortunate enough to be among these creatures' laying sites. Each year between March and August these mysterious leviathans of the deep return to the beach where they were born to begin the cycle anew. These turtles are the largest of the marine species and weigh between 700 - 1000 lbs and are 5-8 ft in length.
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