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Cultural Trips


  • Historical Buildings - National Museum of Port of Spain houses a collection of Amerindian artifacts, lithographs, paintings, contemporary works of art, photography exhibitions, and an exhibition of the petroleum industry in Trinidad (the first oil well drilled in the world was right here in 1857 though the industry did not get off the ground till 1910).
  • City Sight-Seeing Trip
    Incorporated as a city on June 26th 1914, it started out 300 years earlier as no more than a small fishing village with thatched huts known as Puerto de Los Hispaniola's (Port of the Spaniards). Land reclamation started as early as 1803. Today Port of Spain is a vibrant, energetic and economical capital of the Caribbean. Historical 18th century buildings stand side by side with modern high rise buildings. See the Magnificent Seven, the Red House, President's House, Memorial Park and get a panoramic view of the city on our tour.


  • Emperor Valley Zoo & Botanical Gardens
    The Emperor Valley Zoo is today the best zoo in the Caribbean and has a variety of native and foreign animals, fishes, reptiles, birds, and snakes. The Botanical Gardens are located right next to the zoo and has a wide variety of native and imported trees which are quite impressive. The president's official residence is also located in this beautiful setting, the building dates back to 1875 and can be seen from the walkways in the gardens.


  • Angostura Distillery
    Angostura Distillery is the second largest in the Caribbean and is most famous for producing its world-wide acclaimed Angostura Bitters for the last 200 years, this recipe is one of the best kept secrets in history. It was first concocted in 1824 to combat stomach upsets in troops liberating Venezuela from Spain. It has great digestive and appetite stimulant properties. The Distillery also produces a variety of rums and alcoholic beverages - 50 million litres at approximately 97% proof annually.

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  • Pan Factory
    The steel pan is the only musical instrument invented during the 20th century. The steel drum evolved during the 1940's when Winston Spree Simon, Ellie Manette and other musicians saw and experimented with different ways of producing music with old oil drums. Steel bands, as the ensembles are called, pride themselves in being able to play any type of music from calypso to Chopin. The steel pan is definitely Trinidad & Tobago's most significant claim to musical fame. At the Pan Factory you can see how this amazing instrument is made.


  • Religious Festivities
    Due to Trinidad's multi-ethnic population, there are many religious and national festivals which are celebrated by various communities. Attending these festivities is an amazing experience. Some national festivities are Independence Day, Indian Arrival Day, Emancipation Day to name a few. Religious festivites include Divali, Eid ul Fitr, St. Peter's Day, Phagwa, Easter, Hoosay, Christmas etc. Some cultural festivities are Best Village, Carnival, Steelband music, Parang, Great Race, and Tobago Heritage Festival.


  • Sunset at Fort George
    Fort George is situated in the hills overlooking St. James. It was built in 1805. One can see the original dungeons, cannon balls and implements used by soldiers. It has a wonderful panoramic view of Port of Spain and the Gulf of Paria.


  • Chaguaramas Military & Aviation Museum
    The museum chronicles Trinidad's military history from 1498 to present. There is a special exhibit portraying soldiers of World War I & II. There are artifacts, models, photographs, documents, recovered air-craft wreckage from the World Wars, as well as a photographic exhibition of Trinidad's VE Day celebrations.

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